Little Writers
Veil of Shade
By:  Ria
I lie in the veil of shade
The twinkling river, the color of a sparkling jade.
Cool silver moonlight falls on my face, giving me a tranquil feeling;
The scenery here is so very picturesque and appealing.
The rain begins to pour
Yet my heart still yearns for more.
It comes down in mists, carried away in silver beads of water;
My heart is leaping with joy and my cheeks are getting hotter.
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Austin, Texas based Ria, 11, is a student of 6th grade. In addition to writing about Indian mythology, such as Mahabharat and Ramayana, she also enjoys writing stories based in India, with a western streak to it. Ria's favorite color is blue, the color of Lord Krishna and which is also the color of the warm, comforting sky. This edition's Little Writer, whose name means, flowing, bubbly brook, says that she loves playing with children younger than her, because it gives a chance to "to forget all these jumbled up messes that youth brings."

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