Reluctant Obedience
By:  Sareeta Chitrapu
The skin on the back of the feeble hands stretched to cover the hollowness that stared like a face frozen in a silent scream, as the sun burned all in the vicinity.

Carrying indelible marks of experience, pain and wisdom, the fingers moved, dispassionately, to squash, squeeze and replenish the clunch. The drops of sweat and grime mingled and slid-off the parched skin.

The skin on the hands bore the brunt of the scorching sun and showed darker, deeper burn marks, as the fingers caressed and nudged the clunch, with undetectable haste.

The loam surrendered, with reluctant obedience. It wasn't time, not yet.

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Sarita Chitrapu is a computer engineer by degree and profession. She had nurtured a dream to build houses as an architect but only to find, after a four year course at university, enslaved to the machines called computers. Her interests include graphology, travel, travel writing, writing in general, reading (passion bordering on obsession), photography, glass painting, fast cars, music and singing. Based in Bangalore, she works as a Business Analyst.

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