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Thoughts Liberated
The sun, the mud, the blue, the water, the green, and the life -- there are shades infinite, and we capture these shades in their true form. We call it accumulated thoughts about things that are present in our conscious mind, and are looking for a crack to escape and declare liberation.
Vivacious India
The country called India is diversity personified, and every Indian has a story to tell and every structure here has its own tale. Vivacious India section of this online magazine captures the beauty that resides and breathes in India.
There was a Man and there was a Princess, both fell in love with aliens. This sample line proves that you are all better story writers than the person writing content for Site Map. Email us your short story, but please read our 
submission rules before emailing. If you are a big time reader of fiction -- We Love You!
Pen down your poem and email us for publication. There are around 51 types of poetry, and we welcome poems written in different genres, types and forms. Please read our 
submission rules before emailing.  
Little Writers
This space belongs to the children, age group 9 to 15. Written by children, the stories and poems in this section give a glimpse of tomorrow. There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to Little Writers. Children can email us short stories, flash stories, articles, poems, and more. Please read our 
submission rules before emailing us a written piece.  
Literature & Art
Willows Talk takes you on an exciting journey to discover varied forms of human self expression. This section of the online magazine covers many genres of novels, poetry, drama, and art. It explains, explores, analyses, and discusses the world of literature and art.
60 Sec. & Ad Column
Advertisements are attention grabbers that compel you to buy a product or service. But, it's a form of art that does not get mentioned quite highly. A lot of creativity goes behind to create a campaign for electronic and print media. 60 Sec. & Ad Column covers advertising related topics. This section also includes new form of advertising such as online advertising.
There is history behind each word present in the dictionary. Likewise, most of the things have a past that we like to discover and talk about. History section traces the steps back and enters a world that no longer looks familiar.
There is no order here and Willows Talk cannot say for exact what will be published in this section. But, randomness will mostly cover slice of life and stories of creative fields such as music and lyrics, animation, dance, photography, and more.
An abbreviated form for postscript, P.S. is Willows Talk afterthought. The team always has plenty to say, but often remembers a point after all the pieces are neatly typed and ready for publication. In this section of the online magazine, the readers will get to read "written after" pieces. They are short, sweet and sour.
Readers’ Comments
Your Comments will be published in this section. We only publish comments that are genuine, free of foul language and any kind of prejudices. 
Announcement Board
Willows Talk does not own a loud speaker, but it has the Announcement Board. Check this page regularly for contests, theme based contributions, winner announcements, and more.  
About Us
If you want to know who we are and why we exist, please click on this page. Also, this page informs you about the artists/photographer behind the art works/photographs published in this online magazine. 
Submission Rules
We hate rules, but cannot run this Web-based magazine without having certain fundamental rules for submission of stories, poems, articles, and more. Willows Talk Submission Rules are simple. Click and Read to know more.
Contact Us
It's easy to reach us. Fill-up the form if you have questions, suggestions, or have a specific message. We will get back to you within 24 hours.
Your Comments
It takes 5 min to post your comment. Both praise and constructive criticism are welcome. Our contributors would love to hear from their readers regarding their penned short story, poem, article, or bizarre thoughts.
We answer more than what, when, where, why and how. If FAQs do not answer your query, email us and we will add your question to our list, and also answer you via email.
Terms and Conditions
Willows Talk has seen the light of day thanks to the efforts of a number of people. And, we do not like their hard work and creations copied by others without giving due credit. Without permission from Willows Talk, you may not copy, modify, reproduce, upload, or distribute in any way the content and art works of this online magazine.
Privacy Policy
Willows Talk has a policy to guarantee your privacy and also ensure that personal information will not be leaked for illegal gains. Check it out to trust us more.
Advertise with Us
If you have a product or service to sell, we have banner space to promote the same. Charges are nominal.
Willows Talk
The solo piece written by Willows Talk. There is no record of the past here, only the present counts. At times, it sums up the new issue, and other times, it just talks about mundane things. Some may prefer calling it the editorial, but Willows Talk is Willows Talk.
The Window of this online magazine.
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