Submission Rules

Willows Talk Submission Rules are simple, and we are not expecting you to be another famous XYZ writer. We expect you to be YOU and submit a work that is uniquely you.  This online magazine is looking for new writing that has a unique and an intelligent voice.

When writing a piece -- story, poem, or article -- for submission, invoke the three never aging queens -- creativity, imagination, and originality. It's important to know your basic grammar. Willows Talk enjoys reading neat sentences and short paragraphs that have a flow and make sense. Proud writers are given preference over the ones who do not take their writing seriously. Plagiarism is a BIG NO, and Substance is a BIG YES. This online magazine reserves its special standing ovation for writers who are bold and do not shy away from experimenting with different writing styles.

Willows Talk only accepts work that has not been published elsewhere. Copyright remains with the writers, but the work will be part of Willows Talk archive for a long time. Unfortunately, at present, we do not have the bank balance to pay the writers. However, do watch out for our competition announcements.

Please do not send your stories, poems, and articles as attachments. Willows Talk trashes all attachments without any kind of guilt. In the subject, use the format: Story: Title of the story; Poem: Title of the Poem; Article: Title of the Article. Paste your work for submission in the body of the email. Also, include a short bio, around 50 words. Spell check twice before emailing us your works. And, if your written piece is selected for publication, we will notify you via email.

Email Us at: wtsubmission at gmail dot com

Submission for Story and Poem

Please email us one short story at a time: 1500 to 2500 words. At present, we are not accepting teen love stories. Willows Talk accepts both rhyming and non-rhyming poems written in different genres. Do not send us more than two poems at a time. Email Us at: wtsubmission at gmail dot com 

Little Writers

Age Group: 9 to 15

Little Writers is an unbounded playground. The children are free to submit their short stories, poems or articles. We accept one submission at a time. The article/stories should be around 350 to 750 words. The writer of the published piece will be sent a book by courier. Email Us at: wtsubmission at gmail dot com 

History, Vivacious India, 60 Seconds & Ad Columns, and Literature and Art

Currently, we are not accepting unsolicited submission for History; Vivacious India; 60 Seconds & Ad Columns; and Literature and Art. If you have written a piece -- 1000+ words -- and wish to submit the same for one of these sections, please email us a summary of the article. If we like the summary, you will receive an email to submit the original article.

As we said, our rules are simple; you just need to be a writer.

Email us your work at wtsubmission at gmail dot com

Thank You

Willows Talk Team


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