About Willows Talk
Willows Talk is an online monthly magazine that publishes fiction, non-fiction, poetry, opinion pieces and bizarre thoughts. The online magazine captures through words the splendour of ideas, people, sounds, silence, rhymes, colours, thoughts, stillness, creativity, imagination and more. The seed of Willows Talk germinated in a glass house of mind. And, the lively boughs obliterated the glass to breathe in the air of expression, and one dawn, metamorphosed into a form of no form to express. 

There is no limit to the art of expression, and Willows Talk is dedicated to celebrate the different styles of expression via the F-twins: fact and fiction. There is a story in every corner of this world, waiting to be discovered and brought to light. And, when we are incapable of discovering a story in real, we evoke imagination and create one. Willows Talk offers a space where both factual and fictitious tales show their aura. This online magazine also talks about dead time, forgotten people, dilapidated structures, i.e. History.

The children are the real masters of expression, and their graffiti on the walls, the most original art-work. Willows Talk has erected a special wall for the children-age group: 9 to 15-where they can express themselves on any topic or no topic without fear. The Little Writers will soon replace the faces of today, and mould the new world in their vision. This online magazine respects and recognises these voices of tomorrow.

The voices of imagination and creativity manifest in every aspect of our life, and the creations bloom even in the darkest corners. When the voices push us toward the edge, we pick-up a pen, a brush, an instrument, or any form of art to self-express and cross-over to a new terrain. This online magazine delves into the world of Art and Literature, and exhumes the charisma of self-expression. It features articles that provide a glimpse of creative minds and creative works from the well known and unknown fields. Also, you can find here rapturous minds talking nonsense that makes perfect sense.

Willows Talk is an India based online magazine. The beauty of the country and the achievements of the common man cannot be ignored when the online magazine stands for imagination, creativity and beauty. Vivacious India presents an India that throbs, smiles, dazzles, and survives despite all the shortcomings.

We aspire to become The Hub for new writers. The established writers hop from one platform to another at their whim, but for new writers, it's difficult to get their first work published. Willows Talk encourages promising writers, and provides them an ideal platform to showcase their works. This online magazine believes that they are going to be the renowned personalities of tomorrow. 

Backstage, We the People behind Willows Talk define this online magazine as a "recording of conversation between highly imaginative day dreamers -- who are born to express." 

Willows Talk Art Works & Photographs:

Charan Ahuja (Cherry) has brought to life the idea of Willows Talk, and given it an identity by designing the perfect Logo. She has also contributed art-works for Homepage; Poetry; Little Writers; P.S.; Readers' Comments; and Randomness.

Minish Kumar is an art teacher in Gaya and holds a degree in Fine Arts. He excels in landscape paintings. Minish has helped us with art works for About Us; Literature & Art; Your Comments; and Site Map.

Rashmi is a Gaya based artist, and also teaches art in a school. She excels in miniature and Madhubani paintings. She has helped us with art works for Fiction; Vivacious India; and Announcement Board.

Rajshekar Rao is a professional photographer based in Mysore. He has helped us with photographs for Thoughts Liberated; 60 Sec. & Ad Column; Privacy Policy; and Terms & Conditions.

Sundar Vembu enjoys capturing nature in its pristine glory. He has contributed photographs for Willows Talk and Advertise for Us pages.

Ramshankar has contributed water paintings for History and FAQs pages.

Significance of Willow:

Willow Tree has its roots both in folklore and mythology and is known as the "tree of enchantment." It symbolises expression, and signifies all that is feminine -- moon, water, the Goddess. In some folklore, it has been described as the tree of intuition, emotions, and dreaming. The tree was also considered sacred to poets. The Celts saw a link between Willow and poets. According to Greek mythology, when renowned poet Orpheus visited the grove of Persephone at the Temple of Delphi, he was bestowed the gift of eloquence by the Willow.

Symbolically, it also belongs to the beginning of spring. In the Ogham alphabet, the fourth letter Saille means Willow. According to Llewellyn Encyclopedia, "Saille represents the subconscious, feminine, and mystical side of our natures, and it relates to intuition, creativity, and imagination." Saille has been anglicized to Sally, which mean a "sudden outburst of emotions, action or expression -- to ‘sally forth'."

Happy Reading!

Willows Talk Team
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