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Vivacious India
In Search of Ultimate Truth
By:  Sareeta Chitrapu
Aloofness breathes warmth and oneness as one wanders through the lanes of Rishikesh, in search of the ultimate truth. <  read more
60 Seconds & Ad Columns
Do Political Ads Work?
By:  Willows Talk
There is no escaping the political ad blitz, as it is election time in India.
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Thoughts Liberated!
The Language of Abuse
By:  Anshu Shrivastava

‘Abuse' is set to become a popular language, soon. A majority on the Internet already use ‘Abuse' as their first language to express and oppose a view. This language underlines the need for vitriolic per.  read more

Pick Stone
By:  Anshu Shrivastava
Roshan picked-up a stone and slipped it in his pocket. When the dogs woke-up the darkness, he walked towards a creepy lane.
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Nothing You Can't Bear
By:  Sanaa Ahmed
Rolling down the cheeks, my precious tears,
Exhibit my feelings, my endless fears,
Waiting for this bad phase to end,
Hoping and praying for an Angel send.
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Literature & Art
Aesop and his Fables
By:  Willows Talk

The modern day flash fiction has its genesis in the fables of Aesop, the Greek fable writer. Nearly 600 fables, including the "The Hare and the Tortoise," are attributed to Aesop.


A Tale of Rooms
By:  P. Veishonai
Inside a house, a person spends most of his time in the living room, the bedroom or the kitchen. In the past, these rooms had a different ambience. Bedrooms were crowded, semi-public places. They became private rooms to  read more
Reluctant Obedience
By:  Sareeta Chitrapu
The skin on the back of the feeble hands stretched to cover the hollowness that stared like a face frozen in a silent scream, as the sun burned all in the vicinity.


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Veil of Shade
By:  Ria
I lie in the veil of shade
The twinkling river, the color of a sparkling jade.
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Announcement Board
Brevity is the Word
The new edition of WT, ‘Little Feet', features the ultra-short pieces.
  read more
Say it in a Few Words
"The most valuable of all talents is ..."   read more
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